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Employee and Customer Protection – not just a temporary measure

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, many in the business community are still assessing how to handle the impact of COVID-19 on its customers and employees. What was once thought to be a temporary solution to the continuation of transactional commerce, many businesses invested quickly in the erection of polycarbonate and acrylic barriers to prevent direct contact between people. Although an effective measure in preventing spread of the virus, many companies envisioned that these sanitary guards would be temporary at best. Therefore, little consideration was spent developing products that were aesthetically pleasing for long term use.

Fast forward 10 months from the onset of the COVID-19 crisis and what have we learned? The virus is not going away in the short term. Yes, we currently have a vaccine that appears effective and on target to be available to everyone by mid year, 2021. Unfortunately, despite the effective inoculation, the CDC is advising that people continue to wear masks for the foreseeable future. Given the skepticism some have towards the vaccine, it could be a couple of years before the virus is effectively eradicated.

The general consumer has become hyper-sensitized towards their surroundings and shopping conditions. From display to checkout, the customer evaluates how a merchandiser offers products. The new expectation is that a business remain sensitive to the sanitary conditions of its environment and transactional experience. Now more than ever, customers are aware of the transmissibility of virus based germs and remain concerned about airborne pathogens being transmitted through person to person contact.

SaniSafe Products remained steadfast in 2020 by supplying several thousand barriers and shields to businesses throughout the United States. With skill in evolving both standard and custom designs, SaniSafe has now moved into the next phase of sanitary, transactional protection. Aesthetically pleasing, barriers and guards with custom wood, aluminum, and metal framing not only protects clientele but accentuates the permanent commitment to a customer’s demand for safe, virus mitigated, shopping or interaction.

Many throughout the United States have weathered the immediate storm of COVID-19. However, the circumstances surrounding the virus have awakened the discriminate business owner towards the need for permanent integration of virus mitigated work spaces. SaniSafe Products was last years leader for immediate product assistance. In 2021, you can count on SaniSafe to be at the forefront in guiding your business towards a permanent, aesthetically pleasing, solution to marketing and serving clientele in a safe and responsible manner.

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