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SaniSafe is the Manufacturer you have been looking for!

By definition, a manufacturer is a person or company that “makes” goods for sale. The key word “makes” is the action item that separates manufacturers from wholesalers or distributors. However, the term “makes” is so broad that it doesn’t necessarily represent the value that a quality manufacturer brings to a long term customer relationship.

SaniSafe Products Company is a leading manufacturer and fabricator specializing in plastic and acrylic products with over 30 plus years of experience. Generally targeting the grocery and retail sector, SaniSafe’s relationships have broadened its product offering into such areas as inventory security, product merchandising, and industrial parts and components. Though wide in scope, the value created through all product lines are similar and a trusted component to the business parthership with SaniSafe customers.

Generally, when choosing a manufacturer, customers readily identify who can generate products in a consistently defined time period. The adage “time is money” remains paramount when submitting an order. SaniSafe Products internally sets the bar at a 3-4 week turn time from a customer order to delivery. Although unique times are commonly negotiated, the customers ability to plan throughout the year adds value and provides assurances for the ultimate end user of the product.

To achieve consistent turn times on products, a manufacturer must have reliable equipment to do the job. At SaniSafe, the company has a full line of state of the art CNC machines in conjunction with hydraulic vacuum forming equipment and pneumatic bending machines. If a plastic or acrylic product requires forming, bending, or gluing, SaniSafe equipment run by its trained professional operators assure consistent quality each and every time.

Many manufacturers are capable of taking a line drawing or schematic and turning the visual into a product. However, value really is derived when a manufacturer can collaborate with its customers to evolve an idea. SaniSafe prides itself as being an “ideation” company. Staffed with an in-house mechanical drawing team, and affiliated with a line of graphic artists, SaniSafe’s marketing team creatively works with customers to generate solutions. Rather than provide available examples, SaniSafe’s creativity team approaches a project by understanding what a customer would like to achieve by constructing a product. Through mutual collaboration, a product is evolved after several iterations of collaboration. By combining a customers desire with 30+ years of experience, a product usually is created which is the summary of foresight, clear thought, and attention to detail.

Heading into 2021, many businesses will be looking for ways to differentiate their business model. With consistent product turn times, state of the art equipment, creative marketing and design staff, and an uncanny knack for finding what’s possible, SaniSafe should be first on your list to contact when challenged with finding a product solution. SaniSafe prides itself on its ability to generate value for its customers.