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SaniSafe Products Adds Light Industrial to it’s Portfolio of Business

Although SaniSafe Products has primarily been known for its role as a manufacturer in the Grocery and Retail industry, it continues to gain a prominent place in serving the Light Industrial market with a multitude of products. With a full line of CNC Routers and a high tech Vacuum Former, SaniSafe has a wide range of capabilities to produce a broad spectrum of custom parts and products. From precision cut and drilled plastic components to high tech metal parts, SaniSafe has the resource and ability too quickly and efficiently serve its customers. Utilizing its wide array of experience, SaniSafe Products has manufactured the following:

Medical Research – Production equipment, testing apparatus, lab tools, test fixtures, Optical Manufacturing – Production parts, design support, Aviation – Interior panels and components, Veterinary Research – induction chambers, warming beds, Oil and Gas – various components and machine parts.

Call the experienced SaniSafe Marketing and Sales staff at (210)646-6706 to begin discussing your immediate needs now. Current lead times are within 2-3 weeks!