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SaniSafe Products Continues COVID-19 Safety Protections

On March 3rd of this year, the Governor of the State of Texas announced that effective March 10th, the state mandate governing face masks and business occupancy would be lifted. In its place, businesses were encouraged to continue the implementation of best practice in regard to employee, supplier and customer safety as it relates to COVID-19.

Given the success experienced at SaniSafe Products, the company policy that has been in force since last March will remain in effect. Specifically, the following protocols will continue:
• Temperatures will be taken for all employees prior to beginning their respective shift.
• Social distancing of 6’ will remain in effect when practically possible.
• When distancing is not available in the office, protective masks shall be worn. (No exception)
• All employees, vendors and customers entering or working inside the manufacturing floor shall wear a protective mask.
• Social distancing of 6’ remains mandatory in the employee break room.

The SaniSafe team has done an exceptional job managing the COVID-19 virus. With the federal government announcing that there will be enough vaccines available for our all Americans by the end of May, it is clear that the nation is close to permanently tamping down the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, SaniSafe refuses to let its guard down! The safety of our employees, customers and vendors remains a priority.